Kaneko Hironao Labo

Kaneko Hironao Labo.

Profile Hironao Kaneko

He is the Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, School and Environment and Society,Social and Human Science and Institute for Libera Arts since 2016. (privious Graduate School ofDecision Science and Technology, Department of Value and Decision Science) He got Ph. D. in Law,Hitotsubashi University 1997. The Doctoral Thesis, "The Principles of Cost Allocation Rule in CivilProcedures" is published.
( 1989 B.L., Hitotsubashi University,1991 M.L., Hitotsubashi University, The Master Thesis, "The Scopeof Claim Preclusion as a Judgment Effect: A Comparative Study with the U.S. and Some Proposals forEnactment")
He has lectures of the basics of law and the civil procedure law for the undergraduates. He also haslectures of comparative law, especially between Japanese Law and U.S Law, and the law andeconomics for the graduates. He is the coordinator of the Science Technology and IntellectualProperty Course, which is open to the students both TiTech and Hitotsubashi University faculty oflaw, according to the four university alliance.


Civil Procedure Law, Bankruptcy Law and Electronic Commerce Law., Compute/Digital Forensic,Electronic Evidence


From 1993 to 1997, the research fellow of the Japan Society for Promotion of Science
From 1996 to 1997, the Visiting Researcher in the Software Information Center.
From 1997 to now, Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduate School of DecisionScience and Technology, Department of Value and Decision Sciencse.
From 2003 Nov. to 2004 April, Visiting Scholar, University of Washington, College of law
2004 May to September, Visitigin Scholar, University of Illinois, College of Law

Member of Association:

Japan Association of the Law of Civil Procedure(1992-) (the committee 2001-2004)
The Law and Computer Association of Japan(1999-)(the commitee)
The Japanese Association of Law and Economics(2013-) (the committee)
The Japanese Consumer Law Association
The Law and Society Association
The Asian Law and Society Association

Social Activity:

Working Group Committee of the Conference on Industrial Structure in MITI(Temporary), (September2000-2003)
Advisory committee menber of JP Domain Name(December 2013-)

Editorial Board,Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review

International Conference Presentation:

Hironao Kaneko, Technology Succession in high aging society and law, Openly or exclusively, RCSL-SDJ Lisbon Meeting 2018, (Lisbon Portgal), 13, Sep. 2018

Hironao, Kaneko, Cyber-Technology in Sales Promotion And The Consumer Legal Protection, LSA(Tront CANADA), 11, May 2018

Hironao Kaneko, Warranty of Accurate information on the Informational Service Provider(ISP) -Curating Site Case, (TAIWAN, NCTU), 15 Dec. 2017

Hironao Kaneko, Civil Suits against Defendant in Relative Poverty in Japan (Mexico City, Sheraton)Session Chair. 23, June 2017

Hironao Kaneko, The possibility of the settlement in court: application to the conflicts relating to theInternet, LSA (New Oleans, Marriot, 4 June 2016

Hironao Kaneko, Self help in cyberspace, LSA,(Tokyo, Waseda Univ.) 5 Aug. 2015

Main Publications:


Most Recent

Hideyuki Kobayashi et al. Kouzetsu Minji Soshoho, (Koubundo 2018)


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